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BR-BIKERS is Finnish registered association which organizes motorcycle tours for themselves and other's on gravel roads.

BR-BIKERS presents motorcycle tour in Russia – through the Karelian.
Tour is developed for big travel enduros with large gasoline tanks.
Route goes along the Russian countryside gravelroads.

"Four days of Russian roads"

Travel to Russia remember: 
Passport, Visa to Russia, Registration document, Green card, Driving license

BR-BIKERS provides each day patrol leader services.

We use principle of riding in groups. You can read instructions here

We recommend bike that has a range of 300 km.


Meeting point Minimotel, Tohmajärvi on tuesday 27.6.2017
- Driver meeting at 20:00

Start from Tohmajärvi on wednesday 28.6.2017  7:00 =>
- Move to border crossing point Niirala-Värtsilä
- the Russian side: currency exchange, eating/shop, refueling. => the adventure begins!
1. Day: Tohmajärvi – Suoyarvi
2. Day: Suoyarvi – Muyezersky – Ledmozero – Tiksha
3. Day: Tiksha – "Ledmozero-Borovoi highway" – Yushkozero – Kalevala
4. Day: Kalevala – Pyaozersky – Hossa

Routes will be released at the event.
Every day will be great Russian roads! =)
- Day 3 "Ledmozero-Borovoi highway": There is water on the road in some places.



  • BR-BIKERS charges 490 euro's.
  • Invoice will be given by email.
  • No refund - if there is min. 20 bikers and Tour starts.
  • After payment participation is a valid.
  • Tour will be organized if we have at least 20 bikers.
  • Russian Visa: you need to pay and order for yourself

Price includes:

  • KAЯELIAN TOUR 2017 T-shirt and sticker
  • Accommodation (camping and indoor)
  • Daily breakfast and dinner
    (Tohmajärvi: breakfast, Kollaa:Lunch, Suoyarvi: breakfast, Tiksha: dinner and breakfast, Kalevala: dinner and breakfast, Hossa: dinner and breakfast)
  • Dinner and award ceremony in Hossa
  • Service aid and towing service to the camp/nearest town if your bike breaks down.
    - Service aid is assistance as much possible, not spare part or repair service.
    - Case of an accident: According Russian customs you have to personally declared (check-in / check-out) the vehicle 
  • Cross-country traffic license: Required by law when driving off road.
  • Patrol leader services.

Accommodation and eating:

  • Accommodation (five night) is included in the registration fee. 
    - 1st night: Tohmajärvi, Finland. Minimotel
    - 2nd night: Suoyarvi, Russia. Hotel Karelia.
    - 3rd night: Tiksha, Russia. Camp garden of guesthouse "Hutalamba". There is lakeside sauna.
    - 4th night: Kalevala,Russia. Hotel Sampo.
    - 5th night: Hossa, Finland. Loma-Hossa, Rajakartano (Border mansion: main building & rowhouse).

  • Everyone needs sleeping bag, sleeping pad and tent/shared tent.

  • Breakfast and dinner is included in the registration fee
    - Please bring your own plate, mug, cutlery (fork, knife, spoon)
    Everyone is responsible for lunch eating

​There is no option for alternative food (lactose free, gluten free, vegan…)

BR-BIKERS term's for participant:

  • Your MC is insured and you have GREEN CARD with you.
  • You know rules (Russia) of your optional all-risk insurance.
  • You have a travel insurance and certificate/card with you.
  • BR-BIKERS is not responsibility for crashes and bike problems.
  • BR-BIKERS is not responsibility for road condititions (rocks, holes, reindeer on the road ext.)


For more information in English/Finnish.

Welcome to drive in a good group in Russian Karelia!




BR-BIKERS Karelian Tour 2017 from BR-BIKERS on Vimeo.


Date: 27.6.-2.7.2017
Start: Tohmajärvi
Finish: Hossa
For who: For adventure motorcycles with 300 km range.
Isoille matkaenduromoottoripyörille riittävällä toimintasäteellä.
Route: Karelia, Russia - Adventure experience.
Accommodation: Entry fee includes one camp place for tent and four indoor accommodation.
Osallistumismaksu sisältää telttayön ja neljä sisämajoitusyötä.
Food: Entry fee includes breakfast and dinner.
Osallistumismaksu sisältää aamupalan ja iltaruuan.

Price: 490 €

You need: Passport, Russian visa, Registration document, Green card, Driving license


Tourilla mukana rengastöitä varten mekaaninen rengaskone ja paineilmakompressori.

Tourilla mukana