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tur til Topps 2019


BR-BIKERS is Finnish registered association which organizes motorcycle tours for themselves and other's on gravel roads.

BR-BIKERS presents motorcycle tour to Sweden and Norway.
Tour is developed for big travel enduros with large gasoline tanks.
Route goes along the Swedish countryside's gravelroads and Norwegian mountain roads.

Driving license (+ ID/passport), Registration document (+ Green card)

BR-BIKERS provides each day patrol leader services.

We use principle of riding in groups. You can read instructions here

We recommend bike that has a range of 300 km.


Meeting point Port of Turku sunday 11.8.2019 18:30.

Start: Ferry from Turku to Stockholm on sunday 11.8..2019  20:15

- Check-in time 19:15

On monday morning we start from Stockholm
1. Day: Stockholm - Höljes, Sweden (500 km)
2. Day: Höljes, Sweden – Grimsbu, Norway (389 km)
3. Day: Grimsbu, Norway - Grimsbu, Norway (226 km)
4. Day: Grimsbu, Norway – Skeikampen, Svingvoll, Norway (300 km)
5. Day: Skei caravan, Svingvoll, Norway - Skeikampen, Svingvoll, Norway (170 km)
6. Day: Skei caravan, Svingvoll, Norway – Höljes, Sweden (300 km)
7. Day: Höljes, Sweden – Stockholm (500 km)

Ferry from Stockholm (18.8.2019 19:30) to Turku
- Arrival in Turku 19.8.2019 07:00

Routes will be released at the event.
Every day will be great gravel roads
- The highest point of the route is about 1600 m (above sea level)
- There are also small rivers along the route



  • BR-BIKERS charges 490 euro's.
  • Invoice will be given by email.
  • No refund - if there is min. 20 bikers and Tour starts.
  • After payment participation is a valid.
  • Tour will be organized if we have at least 20 bikers.

Price includes:

  • tur til Topps 2019 -product
  • Accommodation (total eight night - indoor)
    - 1. Night on ferry Turku-Stockholm (breakfast included).
    - 2. Night Höljes, Sweden
    - 3. Night Grimsbu turist center, Norway
    - 4. Night Grimsbu turist center, Norway
    - 5. Night Skeikampen, Norway
    - 6. Night Skeikampen, Norway
    - 7. Night Höljes, Sweden
    - 8. Night on ferry Stockholm-Turku 
  • Toll/Cross-country traffic license: Required by law when driving off road.
  • Patrol leader services.

Accommodation and eating:

  • Accommodation (eight night) is included in the registration fee. 

  • Everyone needs sleeping bag, sheet/sleeping pad and pillowcase.

  • Only the first Breakfast (monday 12.8.2019) is included in the registration fee
    Everyone is responsible for own eating, we shops and restaurants on the route

    - Please bring your own thermos bottle, plate, mug, cutlery (fork, knife, spoon)


BR-BIKERS term's for participant:

  • Your MC is insured and you have GREEN CARD with you.
  • You know rules (Sweden & Norway) of your optional all-risk insurance.
  • You have a travel insurance and certificate/card with you.
  • BR-BIKERS is not responsibility for crashes and bike problems.
  • BR-BIKERS is not responsibility for road condititions (rocks, holes, reindeer on the road ext.)


For more information in English/Finnish.

Welcome to the mountains of Norway!




Date: 11.-19.8.2019
Start: Turku
Finish: Turku
For who: For adventure motorcycles with 300 km range.
Route: Sweden - Norway, max 1600 m.a.s.l.
Accommodation: Entry fee includes two nights on ferry and six indoor accommodation.
Food: Entry fee includes one breakfast on ferry.

Price: 490 €


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